DG+IG Initiative

Through the Distributed Generation + Intelligent Grid (DG+IG) Initiative, the Clean Coalition is working with forward-thinking utilities to develop five DG+IG demonstration projects.  Each demonstration project will prove that local renewables connected to the distribution grid can provide at least 25% of the total electric energy consumed within the distribution grid, while maintaining or improving grid reliability.  These demonstration projects, which will highlight the technical and financial feasibility of high penetrations of DG, serve as models for modernizing America’s electrical system in the most intelligent manner possible.

Selected utilities are already working with the Clean Coalition to launch these demonstration projects.  In collaboration with Pacific Gas & Electric and in support of the city of San Francisco’s goal to achieve a 100% renewable electricity supply, the Clean Coalition is spearheading a groundbreaking project to bring clean local energy online in San Francisco.  The Hunters Point Project, named after the substation that serves both the Bayview and Hunters Point areas, will prove that clean local energy can fulfill at least 25% of total electric energy consumption in the area.  This project will also bring substantial economic, energy, and environmental benefits to the local area, which are detailed in the Hunters Point Project Benefits Analysis.

If your organization is interested in this initiative, consider partnering with us.

Why the DG+IG Initiative?

America’s electrical system relies on old, centralized, fossil-fuel-burning power stations and inefficient transmission over long distances on an antiquated grid.  The DG+IG Initiative is laying a timely foundation for the transition towards a smarter electrical power grid.

Distributed, renewable generation — integrated with intelligent grid solutions — will result in a far more efficient and reliable electrical system.  Local energy production will mitigate the impact of any single power station or transmission line failure.  Intelligent grid solutions — such as demand response, advanced inverters, and energy storage — will significantly increase grid reliability by enabling local balancing of supply and demand for energy.  Ultimately, the combination of DG+IG will allow for the creation of micro-grids that can function as standalone energy “islands” to provide continuous power for essential services during widespread grid failures.


This DG+IG combination, deployed across America, would make our energy system cleaner, more reliable, and more secure.  It would save ratepayers money, create domestic jobs, and cut pollution, including greenhouse gas emissions.  The DG+IG combination would make our nation more energy independent, and help the U.S. take the lead in the fast-growing clean energy economy.

Concurrently, we are working to remove barriers to the widespread adoption of  key solutions essential for enabling a DG+IG future:

  • Advanced inverters
  • Demand response
  • Energy storage
  • Electric vehicles
  • Monitoring, communications, and control