Memos For The IEPR Comittee Workshop On Renewable, Localized Generation On May 9, 2011 | KEMA, Inc.

These memos were generated by KEMA, Inc., a global energy consulting firm, and were commissioned by the California Energy Commission’s Integrated Energy Policy Report (IEPR) Committee. The findings in the memos were presented at the IEPR meeting in May 2011. KEMA’s overarching conclusion is that California’s grid can accommodate high penetrations of Wholesale Distributed Generation (WDG), which is comprised of 20 MW-and-smaller projects that are interconnected to the distribution grid. Download the first memo, which discusses physical infrastructure and distributed generation (DG) interconnection, here. Download the second memo, which discusses DG network planning and operational impacts, here.  Download the third memo, which discusses DG options, here.

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