Integrating High Penetrations of Renewables

The California Independent System Operator (CAISO) created the “Duck Chart” to show how high levels of solar could result in system balancing issues starting in 2015 as California approaches the 33% RPS in 2020.

In response, the Clean Coalition modeled how intelligent grid (IG) solutions – such as demand response, advanced inverters, and energy storage – can support the integration of high penetrations of renewables onto the grid. The results show that distributed generation (DG) and IG solutions enable system operators to maintain grid reliability by keeping power, voltage, and frequency in balance. A fully integrated DG+IG power system ‘flattens the Duck’, reducing the need for expensive peaker plants to provide back-up power and grid services.

This particular presentation [PPTx] or [PDF] highlights how IG solutions address potential capacity and ramping issues in California. If you are interested in accessing a copy of this model, please contact Steph Wang, Regulatory Policy Director, at


The CAISO ‘Duck Chart’


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