DG+IG Enhances System Reliability & Efficiency

This presentation highlights how distributed generation integrated with intelligent grid solutions (DG+IG) balance power, voltage, frequency, which creates in a far more reliable and efficient electrical system [PDF].

Integrating High Penetrations of Renewables

The Clean Coalition has modeled how intelligent grid (IG) solutions – such as demand response, advanced inverters, and energy storage – can support the integration of high penetrations of renewables onto the grid.

DG+IG Policy Brief

America has an opportunity to invest in a 21st century power system capable of keeping the United States competitive in the global economy with clean, safe, and reliable energy. This document summarizes key considerations for modernizing the electric system and…

Enhancing the Investor Appeal of Renewable Energy

This article introduces an investor-oriented framework for the evaluation of renewable energy policy, applies these newly developed criteria to a qualitative comparison of the primary policy instruments, and offers recommendations to enhance the investor appeal of renewable energy in the United States.

Community Power: Decentralized Renewable Energy In California

This policy paper, which was completed as a joint project of the Sierra Club California Energy-Climate Committee (ECC) and the Bay Area’s Local Clean Energy Alliance, stresses the need to reduce electricity demand and transition to renewable sources of energy.

Democratizing The Electricity System

John Farrell’s report explains the exciting transformation that will occur as renewable energy changes the structure and sale of the distribution grid.

CLEAN V SRECs: Finding The More Cost Effective Solar Policy

In light of the recent collapse of Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) markets, Farrell’s report aims to compare the cost-effectiveness of SREC and Clean Local Energy Accessible Now (CLEAN) Programs to finance solar energy projects and meet renewable energy goals.

Interconnection Jurisdiction Brief

To reduce confusion and increase both transparency and accountability in the interconnection process, the question of state versus federal interconnection jurisdiction must be clearly answered.

Ratepayer Benefits Analysis Study

The Clean Coalition analysis has found a critically important result: The CLEAN Programs will *save money* for California ratepayers.