Solar Siting Surveys

The Clean Coalition conducts Solar Siting Surveys for utilities, cities, and communities to assess the potential for local solar generation. Below are publicly available Solar Siting Surveys:

SCE Preferred Resources Pilot Solar Siting Survey

The PRP Solar Siting Survey highlights significant levels of local solar photovoltaic (PV) energy that may be generated within an area in southern and central Orange County. The grid area assessed by the Survey comprises the Preferred Resources Pilot (PRP), an effort by Southern California Edison (SCE) to study and demonstrate how distributed energy resources, including local solar PV, may support local reliability needs.

The PRP Solar Siting Survey identified over 160 megawatts (MW) of technical potential for large commercial solar installations within the PRP grid area. These built-environment sites are comprised of very large rooftops, parking lots, and parking structures – most of which are large enough to host at least 500 kilowatts (kW) of solar PV.  More specifically, the PRP Solar Siting Survey identified about 90 MW of siting potential on large rooftops, 50 MW over large parking lots, and 23 MW atop multi-story parking structures.

The Clean Coalition’s PRP Solar Siting Survey includes a comprehensive spreadsheet and a sophisticated mapping tool for supporting solar project developers in identifying specific siting opportunities. This data will be particularly informative for solar project developers as they participate in the ongoing PRP Renewable Distributed Generation RFO.

Click here to download a zip file that contains the following SCE PRP Solar Siting Survey materials:

  • Overview
  • Summary
  • User’s Guide
  • Data
  • Map

Below is an example from the PRP Solar Siting Survey mapping tool.