Solar Siting Surveys

The Clean Coalition conducts Solar Siting Surveys to help utilities, cities, and communities assess the potential for local solar generation. Below are our publicly available Solar Siting Surveys.

Peninsula Advanced Energy Community Solar Siting Survey

As part of the Peninsula Advanced Energy Community (PAEC), an initiative designed to streamline policies and showcase projects that facilitate local renewables and other advanced energy solutions, the Clean Coalition conducted a Solar Siting Survey to assess the potential for commercial solar photovoltaic (PV) in southern San Mateo County. The PAEC Solar Siting Survey evaluated thousands of potential locations — based on site characteristics, existing loads, and grid infrastructure — to identify those in built environments that are best suited for a solar PV installation of at least 100 kilowatts (kW). In total, this Solar Siting Survey identified over 65 megawatts (MW) of technical potential for commercial solar installations within the PAEC region. Many more siting opportunities of different capacities in the PAEC region are coming soon. Learn more about our PAEC Solar Siting Survey and see the results.

SCE Preferred Resources Pilot Solar Siting Survey

The PRP Solar Siting Survey highlights significant levels of local solar PV energy that can be generated within an area in southern and central Orange County. The grid area assessed by the survey comprises the Preferred Resources Pilot (PRP), an effort by Southern California Edison (SCE) to study and demonstrate how distributed energy resources, including local solar PV, may support local reliability needs. The PRP Solar Siting Survey identified over 160 MW of technical potential for large commercial solar installations 500 kW and larger within the PRP grid area. Learn more about our PRP Solar Siting Survey and see the results.

An example from our Solar Siting Survey mapping tool