Regulatory Action and Filings

We influence energy regulation on the national and state levels by providing decision makers with information, analysis, and proven solutions. To advance forward-looking energy policies, the Clean Coalition is in the trenches shaping regulatory processes that result in decisions that can make or break our nation’s clean energy future.

Below is a list of filings and related documents that the Clean Coalition has officially submitted.

CPUC: Societal costs of energy

Reason for submission: Comments supporting the adoption of a Social Cost Test when evaluating distributed energy resources

CEC: Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative 2.0

Reason for submission: Comments emphasizing that California’s transmission needs to meet Renewable Portfolio Standards and greenhouse gas targets will require consideration in the growth of distributed generation resources

CAISO: 2017 Stakeholder Initiative Roadmap

Reason for submission: Comments on CAISO’s Stakeholder Initiative Roadmap, noting that the start date for the Review Transmission Access Charges Structure stakeholder has been moved to January 2017 in order to begin analysis of the issue