We build upon proven energy policies. The resources below compile global best practices to bring clean local energy online quickly and cost-effectively.

The Resource Hub

The Resource Hub makes it easy for policymakers and advocates to enact local clean energy programs. The Hub brings together a wealth of information — including model policies, global best practices, and communications materials — to simplify the process of designing and implementing an effective local clean energy program.

Regulatory Action and Filings

To advance forward-looking energy policies, the Clean Coalition is in the trenches, getting involved in the regulatory processes that result in decisions that can make or break our nation’s clean energy future.

Solar Siting Surveys

The Clean Coalition conducts Solar Siting Surveys for utilities, cities, and communities to assess the potential for local solar generation.

Solar Solutions Guide

Working with Southern California Edison, the Clean Coalition created the downloadable Solar Solutions Guide to address building owner concerns regarding solar adoption.


Watch and download our latest webinars, which provide in-depth explanations concerning opportunities, challenges, and solutions to current energy system issues and feature key guest speakers.


Download presentations the Clean Coalition has given on the benefits of clean energy programs and Wholesale Distributed Generation (WDG) for incentivizing renewable energy deployment.


Read and download research reports the Clean Coalition believes are valuable for understanding clean energy programs and their role in accelerating renewable energy investment.

Policy Briefs

Read and download policy briefs the Clean Coalition has developed to outline our position on a number of energy system issues.