California State Senate: Opposing Assembly Bill 813 on CAISO expansion

Reason for submission: Letter to the California Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee opposing AB 813 on CAISO expansion

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This letter represents the Clean Coalition’s opposition to California Assembly Bill (AB) 813. The proposed California Independent System Operator (CAISO) expansion would not deliver the promised benefits, and there are cheaper and more effective ways to address electric transmission issues. Using grid integration, energy storage, and better reserve and transmission rules are better approaches to integrate inflexible fossil fuel sources into the transition to the 100% renewable energy system. Given that reality, it is unconscionable to create massive regulatory and political risks by opening CAISO’s governance to an unaccountable regional board that gives disproportionate authority to coal and anti-renewable states. While AB 813 attempts to establish valuable standards for any regional transmission operator, these standards would be utterly unenforceable once CAISO is converted to an unaccountable regional transmission board.

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