CPUC: Supporting the Proposed Decision on Interconnection Capacity Analysis and locational net benefits

Reason for submission: Comments further supporting ICA and LNBA implementations

Download Comments (PDF)

This filing represents the Clean Coalition’s comments on Distribution Resources Plan Track 1 supporting the Proposed Decision regarding the Interconnection Capacity Analysis (ICA) and Locational Net Benefits Assessment (LNBA), and offers additional support and recommendations for their implementation. The Clean Coalition has been an active and consistent participant in both the California Public Utility Commission’s (CPUC) ICA and LNBA working groups and an original advocate for DRP and its processes. In addition, we have remained a leading intervenor in interconnection proceedings and an active participant in the Integrated Distributed Energy Resources working groups that seek to utilize the ICA and LNBA results. We commend the diligent efforts of working group members in addressing a large number of issues and reaching consensus to the full extent possible within the adjusted timeframe, and appreciate the work of the CPUC in reviewing and responding to the working group’s reports and recommendations. We broadly concur with and strongly support the Proposed Decision.

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