CEC: Proposing a cost-effective solar+storage alternative to Puente gas plant

Reason for submission: Testimony to the California Energy Commission (CEC) offering a solar+storage solution as an alternative to the Puente Power Project

Download Testimony (PDF)
Download Solar+Storage Model (spreadsheet)

This filing represents the Clean Coalition’s testimony modeling the costs of a solar+storage solution to replace the capacity provided by the Puente Power Project and the Ellwood Peaker plant. This was in response to a study by the California Independent System Operator (CAISO), which modeled distributed energy resource solutions to meet the capacity requirements in the Moorpark Subarea in the Santa Barbara region of California. CAISO’s model used battery storage only, binary on/off profiles of battery discharge, and outdated data, resulting in unrealistically high cost estimates. The Clean Coalition followed the same model used in the CAISO study, with up-to-date costs and improvements to the modeling of solar and energy storage dispatch. This testimony was submitted via the Center for Biological Diversity due to submissions requiring previously established party status.

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