CLEAN Success Stories

Cities, states, and even countries are already utilizing CLEAN Programs to deliver cost-effective renewable energy, strengthen local economies, foster environmental sustainability, and enhance energy security.  See below to learn more about these successful programs.

AES Distributed Energy

aes-corpAES Corporation’s United States Strategic Business Unit is comprised of 10 businesses in the United States, including AES Distributed Energy. To date, the AES Distributed Energy generation portfolio includes more than 725 megawatts (MW) of wind, 80 MW of energy storage, and approximately 200 MW of solar photovoltaic systems. AES Distributed Energy brings reliable and economical distributed energy systems to schools, municipalities, utilities, corporations, and commercial and industrial clients.

Read the AES Distributed Energy CLEAN brief here.

Georgia Power | Georgia

georgia-powerThe decreasing costs of solar installations, increasing costs of electricity, and efforts by the Georgia Public Service Commission have paved the way for CLEAN Program growth in Georgia. Georgia Power’s advanced solar initiatives combined with progressive research and forward thinking state energy policies have launched Georgia Power into the national spotlight as a clean energy leader while unleashing wholesale distributed generation (WDG). Its significant solar potential went largely untapped until the Clean Coalition introduced their CLEAN Program guidelines and design to Georgia Power in 2012. The CLEAN brief examines Georgia Power’s success in deploying WDG and its subsequent economic growth.

Read the Georgia Power CLEAN brief here.

PSE&G | New Jersey

psegPSE&G is the pioneer behind utility owned wholesale distributed generation (WDG) in the United States and their renewable energy initiatives have helped make New Jersey one of the leading states for solar energy development. The utility’s renewable energy initiatives operate much like the successful CLEAN programs developed by the Clean Coalition, which create jobs, make communities more resilient, stimulate economic activity, and help mitigate climate change. This CLEAN brief examines PSE&G’s success in deploying utility owned WDG and its subsequent rise as one of the nation’s top ten solar-connected utilities.

Read the PSE&G CLEAN brief here.