Feed-in tariffs with streamlined interconnection: CLEAN Programs

The Clean Coalition designs and implements programs that streamline deployment of local renewables.

We advocate for pragmatic and proven energy programs that build upon global best practices. Our solutions are based on analysis and real-world experience — not on partisan politics. Our Resource Hub contains a wealth of free tools to help utilities design and implement programs to bring local renewables online.

CLEAN Programs

We evaluate, design, and implement CLEAN Programs: market-based, cost-effective feed-in tariffs (FITs) with streamlined interconnection. 

CLEAN Programs make it easier to build clean local energy projects, connect them to the grid, and establish long-term contracts to sell the power produced to utilities. With CLEAN Programs in place, financing clean local energy projects becomes much easier, and the whole community benefits.

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Success stories

FITs are the world’s most effective, market-based solution for deploying renewable energy. Across the United States, municipalities and utilities have implemented successful FITs. For more information, see our list of leading programs.