State renewables policy

Our power system is outdated — and so are the policies that continue to determine its development. We advance statewide policies that accelerate the adoption of local renewable energy and drive grid modernization.

We achieve this by:

  • Establishing smart legislation that accelerates deployment of cost-effective renewable energy.
  • Intervening in regulatory proceedings to remove barriers to clean local energy.
  • Educating policymakers on the opportunity to transition towards renewable energy and a modern grid.

Visit our Resource Hub for a wealth of free information – including model policies, global best practices, and communications materials – to help your state adopt smart, proven energy policies. Specifically, our state level work focuses on the following policy issues:

Value of Distributed Generation

Clean local energy adds tremendous value by providing cost-effective power to ratepayers, utilities, and communities. We work to analyze, quantify, and monetize this value.

Energy Procurement

We work across the country to design and implement effective procurement programs. Our efforts build upon global best practices for driving the deployment of renewable energy.

Grid Access

We are simplifying and streamlining the process for connecting local renewables to the grid by ensuring that wholesale distributed generation (WDG) facilities can connect to the grid in a timely and fair manner.

Renewables Integration

We are showing that distributed generation and intelligent grid solutions – such as demand response, advanced inverters, and energy storage – enable system operators to maintain grid reliability by keeping power, voltage, and frequency in balance.