Valencia Gardens Energy Storage Project

Aerial view of Valencia Gardens

In the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District, Valencia Gardens is a 300,000-square-foot housing development consisting of 218 affordable family units and 42 senior apartments. The Clean Coalition is leading the Valencia Gardens Energy Storage Project to pair innovative energy storage with their existing solar energy system, one of the largest solar installations in San Francisco.

The Valencia Gardens Energy Storage Project is an important example of using clean local energy to enhance grid stability in a dense urban environment.

The project will add 500 kilowatts (kW) of energy storage power to the roughly 800 kW of rooftop solar that is already interconnected to the local distribution grid. The resulting solar+storage system will include cutting-edge technology to offer grid balancing and set the stage for indefinite renewables-driven backup power for critical facilities in the case of a grid outage. The system will be capable of demonstrating a resilient solution for the community’s emergency energy needs — from clean local sources.

Once complete in 2020, the Valencia Gardens Energy Storage Project will:

  • Enhance community resilience by setting the stage for emergency renewable backup power in the event of a natural disaster or widespread grid outage.
  • Increase access to clean energy by creating more capacity locally on the distribution grid so that neighbors can go solar.
  • Build on prior successes by leveraging an existing showcase solar deployment.
  • Demonstrate the viability of local energy storage for ratepayers, developers, and the utility.
  • Protect open space by deploying in a dense urban community on built environments.

Valencia Gardens Energy Storage project partners