Our Work

Americans deserve a modern, efficient power system that takes advantage of the latest technology to provide cleaner, more affordable, and more reliable energy.

The Clean Coalition is accelerating the transition to renewable energy and a modern grid. We are achieving this through:

  • CLEAN Renewables Programs — We design and implement programs that bring local renewable energy online.
  • State Renewables Policy — We advance state level policy that accelerates adoption of local renewable energy.
  • Grid Modernization Policy — We work to modernize America’s power system by improving grid planning, access, and solutions.
  • Community Microgrids — We design and implement community microgrids that prove local renewables provide a reliable and cost-effective foundation for a modern grid.
  • Distribution Resources Panning (DRP) — DRP establishes a comprehensive and transparent framework designed to improve distribution system planning, operations, and investment. Building on its work driving California’s nation-leading DRP process, the Clean Coalition supports the adoption of this vital policy in other states across the country.
  • Peninsula Advanced Energy Community — We are working on an Advanced Energy Community in the southern portion of San Mateo County, California, which was selected to receive a grant from the California Energy Commission.
  • Solar+Storage Alternatives — We released a study showing that use of solar+storage would be cheaper than building a  natural gas plant near Santa Barbara, CA.
  • Transmission Access Charges (TAC) — We are leading a campaign to remedy an unfair charge on local renewable energy in California.