June 2017 Newsletter

Topics Include:

  • L.A. Daily News op-ed: Let solar-roof savings shine on all ratepayers
  • Palo Alto brings its first Feed-In Tariff solar project online
  • ReMAT, California’s only wholesale distributed generation renewables program, is under attack
  • Alternative to costly investments in natural gas power plants
  • Solar Siting Survey identifies substantial solar potential on built environments in California’s southern San Mateo County
  • A pathway to zero net energy: Atherton, California
  • Expanding electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Palo Alto
  • Distribution Resources Planning webinar
  • Media coverage
    • Leveling the playing field for clean local energy | PV Magazine
    • Community Microgrids offer “repeatable” way to replace fossil fuel peakers in California |  Microgrid Knowledge
  • Upcoming Events
    • Grid Edge World Forum
    • Intersolar & ees North America
    • NARUC Summer Policy Summit
    • Energy Storage North America
    • HOMER International Microgrid Conference
    • ASES SOLAR 2017

Read online or download PDF

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