Webinar: Distribution Resources Planning: Laying the foundation for a modern grid

When: Tuesday, Jan 23, 2018

Where: Online webinar

Please join us for a free webinar on Distribution Resources Planning from 10am – 11am PT on January 23, 2018. Register here.

What you’ll learn

The U.S. electric grid is in the midst of transformational change. Originally designed to transport power from remote power plants to end-use customers, our centralized grid is being challenged by new technologies. Rapidly dropping costs and technological advancements have made distributed energy resources (DER) — such as local renewables, energy storage, demand response, and energy efficiency — increasingly cost-effective solutions to meet electric system needs. Yet, few states are actively planning their distribution grids to capitalize on the growing value DER provide.

Distribution Resources Planning (DRP) establishes a comprehensive and transparent framework designed to improve distribution system planning, operations, and investment. It seeks to optimize utilization of existing electricity grid assets and new DER resources to modernize the grid while minimizing costs for ratepayers. This webinar will inform policymakers, utilities, advocacy groups, clean energy businesses, and other key stakeholders about Distribution Resources Planning. Specifically, the webinar will:

  • Provide an overview of Distribution Resources Planning
  • Describe the benefits of Distribution Resources Planning
  • Detail leading Distribution Resources Planning efforts underway in the U.S.
  • Discuss pathways to initiate Distribution Resources Planning in your state


John Bernhardt, Outreach Director, Clean Coalition has spent more than a decade working on energy and environmental policy. In particular, he brings extensive knowledge of the evolving electric utility sector, with a focus on forward-looking utility programs that effectively capture the benefit of distributed energy resources for system-wide benefit. He has consulted with numerous electric utilities across the country, and his writings on the electricity sector have been featured in a variety of media outlets, including Forbes, National Geographic, and the Los Angeles Times. He received a BA from the University of Virginia and continued coursework at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

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