Utility of the Future: New Rules of the Game

When: Monday, Jun 12, 2017 - Tuesday, Jun 13, 2017

Where: Marines' Memorial Club & Hotel, San Francisco, CA

The Clean Coalition is a partner organization for the Utility of the Future: New Rules of the Game conference, which will take place on June 12-13, 2017 in San Francisco, CA.

To say that new things are happening on the grid might be the understatement of the decade. Despite the new administration’s preference for domestic fossils, progressive states like California and New York are steaming ahead on ambitious visions for electrifying generation and transit, and restructuring the way the distribution grid operates — all levels — market and rate design, business models, interactions between utilities and third party aggregators, standards, and physical assets.

Behind these developments there is a complex matrix of policy drivers and design factors and economics, which, while differing somewhat between California, New York and other states with either strong carbon policies and/or heavy rooftop solar uptake, have much in common.

This day and a half tutorial, instructed by active state policymakers, consultants close to the policy-making process, and influential institutes, think tanks and environmental non-governmental organizations, will provide a much-needed deep-dive for a wide variety of participants, from new startups and suppliers, to policy makers from other states, to junior staff, trainees and new hires, who need to get up to speed as fast as possible, to make sure their strategies are a fit to where these states are headed, with others following in their lead.

The opportunity for questions and interactive dialog will allow participants with expertise in specific areas to share their knowledge, and explore perspectives from other state jurisdictions. The specific list of topics will be tailored to reflect the interests and makeup of the enrolled participants, based on a survey two weeks prior to program start date.

Go here for more information and registration options.

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