Craig Lewis

Craig Lewis   Founder & Executive Director

Craig Lewis has over 20 years of experience in the renewables, wireless, semiconductor, and banking industries. Previously VP of Government Relations at GreenVolts, he was the first to successfully navigate a solar project through California's Renewable Portfolio Standard solicitation process. Craig was also the energy policy lead on Steve Westly's 2006 California gubernatorial campaign, and his resume includes senior government relations, corporate development, and marketing positions at leading wireless, semiconductor, and banking companies; including Qualcomm, Ericsson, and Barclays Bank.

Wendy Boyle

Wendy Boyle   Grants & Contracts Manager

Wendy Boyle previously served as the Director of Operations at SolarTech, and as part of the company's Rooftop Solar Challenge awarded by the U.S. Department of Energy, she collaborated with the Clean Coalition and Pacific Gas & Electric resulting in the development of a case study on streamlining interconnection for residential solar PV projects. Wendy holds certificates of completion and accomplishments in the areas of Materials & Contract Management, Operations Management, Economics and Environmental Energy, and Business Law and Finance.

Rosana Francescato

Rosana Francescato   Communications Director

Prior to joining the Clean Coalition, Rosana was Communications Director for Sunible, an online solar marketplace, and for MyDomino, an energy savings concierge service. She has written extensively on clean energy for publications like CleanTechnica, PV Solar Report, and The Energy Collective. While on the steering committee of the Local Clean Energy Alliance, Rosana helped evaluate shared renewables legislation in California. She currently serves on the board of Everybody Solar and volunteers installing solar with GRID Alternatives.

Malini Kannan

Malini Kannan   Program Engineer

As a Research Engineer at the Schatz Energy Research Center, Malini Kannan's work focused on testing and analyzing performance data from small-scale solar, battery, and LED consumer electronics as a consultant to the World Bank. She also helped stage, design, and build electric vehicle charging stations on California's North Coast. Malini has previous experience at Bloom Energy where she resolved design and quality issues with fuel cells and undergraduate R&D experience in off-grid solar.

Doug Karpa

Doug Karpa   Policy Director

Doug Karpa has worked on environmental and energy issues from a range of perspectives since 2009. Prior to joining the Clean Coalition, he worked as Legal Program & Scientific Policy Director at Turtle Island Restoration Network and in public interest legal practice, working with a range of public interest clients such as the Sierra Club, the Center for Biological Diversity, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Environmental Defense Fund, and the Resource Renewable Institute. Doug also worked at two major national law firms representing energy companies and other developers on utility scale solar projects, energy plants, and other major projects. He is licensed to practice law in California.

Bob O'Hagan

Bob O'Hagan   Program Engineer

Bob O’Hagan oversees the development of tools and processes that allow high penetrations of distributed generation while maintaining or improving distribution grid reliability. He started his career designing telecommunications and test equipment and then transitioned into operations management for both public companies and startups. Bob is now a leading engineer in clean energy and renewable power systems.

John Sarter

John Sarter   Program Manager

John Sarter is a sustainable designer/developer, innovator in systems integration, and expert in the converging fields of real estate, renewble energy, and transportation. He has owned and operated his firms, Sarter Construction & Design, Off The Grid Design, and Sol Lux Alpha in California since 1986. A recognized leader in the solar+storage space since 2008, John founded the Microgrid Development Group in San Francisco in 2014 to unite a consortium of technology, energy, engineering, and other professionals committed to creating a resilient and sustainable, 100% renewable energy future. As a thought leader within the built environment, John has conceived, designed, developed, and proved out concepts with his innovative projects.

Josh Valentine

Josh Valentine   Communications Manager

Josh Valentine brings to the Clean Coalition a mindful approach to communications, digital outreach, and marketing when developing strategies and programs to help accelerate the transition to clean energy. Previously, Josh ran his own business, Promenade Media, that focused on communications and marketing for renewables and climate advocacy. While living in Maine, he headed up digital efforts for Maine Businesses for Sustainability and was president of the Maine Marketing Association for three consecutive terms. In his spare time, Josh leads digital communications and marketing initiatives for the Colorado Renewable Energy Society.

Frank Wasko

Frank Wasko   Managing Director

Frank Wasko brings 30 years of service and experience from Southern California Edison (SCE) across a variety of functions including field project management and field construction. In his last position at SCE, Frank served as Region Manager for government affairs. Frank also has a strong background in municipalization, infrastructure upgrade and improvement programs, rate optimization, and third party interconnection.

Sahm White

Sahm White   Economics & Policy Analysis Director

Sahm White brings over 20 years experience in economic and environmental policy, with over 200 filings before public utility and energy commissions. Prior to joining the Clean Coalition he held positions as a Senior Research Consultant to the Center for Ecoliteracy, Technical and Policy Analyst in the development of the Ecological Footprint, and Associate Director of Progressive Secretary, a leading web source of legislative constituent engagement.

Gregory Young

Gregory Young   Program Associate

Gregory Young is currently a graduate student in the field of Urban Sustainability, with a focus revolving around the world's dual challenges of climate change and inequality. He has worked with several nonprofits and community-based organizations in developing planning processes to help build resilience for disadvantaged populations. Universalizing local renewable energy resources has been an ongoing passion for Gregory, especially as more of the world’s population transitions to urban environments.